How to get the best from your hairstylist

At Professional Hair Salon, you will find that consultation is a key to get the best hairstyle. Especially on your first visit or if you are looking for a new hairstyle.

Your hair stylist needs to get to know you

We like to make sure that when you leave, you are looking your best. Chatting with your hair stylist about your career, grooming and understanding what makes you feel good will help us to be able to guide you. We want to give you a hairstyle that suits your lifestyle. Our job is finding a hairstyle that matches your type of hair and your face shape.

Your hairstylist will consider your hair type, face shape, personality, how you dress and your morning routine to getting ready for the day. This way we ensure that you will feel right with your hairstyle, looking great and be able to do it yourself at home.

Choosing a particular Hairstyle from magazines

If you have a particular look in mind, then please bring a picture with you. We also have images at the salon to help you. Don’t be afraid to pick a style from magazines or celebrities that will help us to understand exactly what you are trying to achieve. If your chosen style doesn’t go with your type of hair or your face shape, we will guide you to a look that better suits your personality and lifestyle. 

The best men’s haircuts looks great and keeps its shape longer. Our hair stylists are professionals and versatile in their approach. They have creativity and precision.

Visit Professional Hair Salon of Houston, Our goal is to make you feel comfortable while you’re here and look magnificent when you leave!

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