New Hairstyle for this summer

European hairstyle that is trendy is coming to North America, and it is time to pick out a fresh new haircut.

Keep it short

Short haircuts with a texture crop style help to enhance your natural hair texture, this is a modern look that works on most hair types. This hairstyle can lighten up thick hair, helping to bulge up thin hair and it will look like a natural fit on wavy or curly hair. You can wear this on short or long hair, with or without bangs. This trend is being increasingly significant since last year continuing this year.

Tapered Haircuts

Taper Haircuts are also a significant trend that is getting very popular on all different hair lengths on curly hair. This trend has been a widespread reaction to the fade. This haircut can be styled into a slick cut with a side part, but there are more options like short spikes, curls or side swept look. This haircut can be an excellent style for men with or without bold color. Many guys are using medium hair length featuring different styles along those lines.

Hipster Hairstyle

Hipster’s hair is still a dominant trend in 2018, there will be long hair worn in looser styles. A haircut with contrast with a heavy crop and mid fade can help to make your hair look thicker and add more texture on the top.
To make a choice you need to determine your hair type, face shape and your ability to style your hair. That way you could get the trend that flatters you.

Try finding pictures of guys with a similar hair type, like the same texture and hair thickness you have. When you see your favorites visit us, and one of our hairstylists can help you with a piece of advice and make it work for you.
At Professional Hair Salon of Houston we are working out with the best haircuts from our barbers, we offer high-quality services at affordable prices. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable while you are here, and look magnificent when you leave.

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