The Season calls for a new look with a new haircut!

Getting a haircut feels and looks good and it is a way to treat yourself.

Sunshine and warmer weather has come, time to groom your beard and have a new haircut.

Summer is around the corner, which means our hot Houston weather is just starting to warm up. Over the winter and spring you might have a lumberjack look. Long hair and beard is the perfect look for that time of the year to keep you warm on colder days. Now the bluebonnets have made their appearance in Texas and the sun is getting brighter, we think is time for a new look. Trimming your beard and getting a men’s haircut at Professional Hair Salon of Houston.

Warmer weather brings more outdoors events. We all love to attend things like barbecues with friends and family, as a result it is time for trimming your beard and have a haircut. It no only helps you to look good but it also helps to keep you cool.

Special event special haircut

On top of that, Prom and Wedding season is happening now. You want to look your best when you show up to those specials moments on the life of your friends and family. Therefore must have a clean look for all those events you are headed out this Season. 

If you want to change your winter look, it is time to make an appointment with one of our barbers. We are always ready to help you look your best on the warm Summer or and any special event you may have on your agenda. Our Barbers will provide you with an excellent experience and give your hair the attention it deserves, so leave your new look to us. We offer high quality services at affordable prices.

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