On Father’s Day, we would like to share hair tips.

Like Father, like son, both need a good hairstylist.
If you have a son, he is most likely like you. You may have noticed your son’s hair is always soft and shiny. You can get soft and shiny hair if you follow this tips.

Try reverse washing, when in the shower use the conditioner first. Allow it to sit for a few minutes while you continue your shower. Before rinsing it out, lather up with your favorite shampoo, then rinse as usual.

Ask your hairstylist about some high-quality products they are using. Make sure you are using men’s products. Every type of hair will have different needs, choose according to your hair texture.

Wash your hair before bedtime. The environment elements and moisture you have to endure will affect your hair if you hit the gym after work or did yard work around your house. If you establish an evening routine that allows you to rinse the day off, you will promote a healthy scalp.

Limit your hat wearing to a few hours a day, and you will see that your hair’s texture improve.

Set a good example for your son and be a great hair role model.

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