Usually, it does not matter what hair texture you’re working with, you’re going to want a men’s haircut and hairstyle that’s easy to maintain and can handle the cold air, and won’t look out of place with a fall wardrobe. So less blonde surfer locks and more rough styles here. Fall haircuts may use a lot more product than summer ‘natural’ styles, but the effort will be worth it.

Fall Short Haircut

Hair can at times, be too difficult to deal with. It takes time to wash and dry, and when it becomes too long, the dilemma of whether the man bun is a fitting option. If you have particularly coarse or curly hair, you are to deal with possible frizz, particularly on humid days. Also if you have thin hair, long hair will emphasize this.
For some, it will be easier just to keep it short and simple, but that doesn’t mean it has to be dull. There are lots of short haircuts for men that are fabulous for fall and have the perfect mix of practicality and style.

Short Sides and Back

Is a fabulous hairstyle for the fall and it will be a perfect choice if you are looking to slick back your hair or if you want to keep it looking rougher. It’s also not cold enough that you’re not obligated to wear a hat and scarf, so you can still show off the sharp contrast between the shaven sides and the full top.
To style, your hair uses a bit of hair gel or finishing paste to keep the sides smoothed down, and the top in shape. You can have the top smoothed down as well for a sleek, polished look, or try messing it up for a texturized one. If you’re working with thin hair, it’s best to avoid flattening the top over your head, as you’ll just emphasize the lack of volume there. Help it look thicker by styling the top messy and irregular in opposite to the short sides.

Military Style

Sometimes the constant maintenance of different hairstyles can just be too much effort. If that’s the case, then this might be the haircut for you. It’s a little unusual, but you’re still going with enough hair so that it doesn’t look like a complete buzz cut.
There are a few types of this cut, but the overall look is shaved sides, and a short top, with minimal texture, worked into the style. A little bit of stubble or a beard can help balance out the look and prevent you from looking too much like a soldier. A small amount of finishing paste can stop the front from looking like it’s glued to your head.

Fall hairstyles can be odd but sometimes the change of seasons brings changes in style, and with haircuts being a big part of your look, there’s no reason not to try a new one now and then. Short hair doesn’t have to equal boring, and long hair doesn’t have to look sloppy. You can style whatever hair type, length, and color you have so it may be time to ask your barber to mix it up a little.

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